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Gym Workout Calendar Schedule
Gym Workout Calendar Schedule Weight Loss Progress Tracking Printable PDF Workout Builder
Free Home Workouts for Women and Men Illustrated gym workout plans and routines Illustrated gym workout plans and routines
WorkoutLabs Personal Fitness Platform
Free printable PDF workout plans for women and men

Simple training plans with clear easy-to-follow workouts

Exercise with confidence at home or at the gym with illustrated workouts designed for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment.

Printable gym workout routines and training calendar

View your workouts and calendar from your phone, or print them!

Use your phone, tablet or computer to conveniently access your workouts from anywhere or download them as PDFs to print and toss after the workout.

Workout creator with exercise illustrations
Create free PDF printable workout plans

Customize workouts to your preferences or create your own

Use our simple workout builder with ever-growing library of exercises and yoga poses to edit and create workouts and yoga sequences in seconds!

Trainer chat support for exercise and nutrition questions

Trainer chat support included

Our trainer Stacey will help you with any exercise or nutrition questions to make sure you get the most out of your training and see quick results, safely.

Free nutrition guide ebook when you join

Bonus: a simple Nutrition Guide free when you join

Learn the essentials of creating a balanced diet you'll love to follow in our Nutrition Guide. Look for a free copy in your welcome email on sign-up!

Popular questions and answers
How much does this cost?
It's $9.95/month and you can switch to the yearly plan at $89.95/yr any time and get 5 months free!
Can I try this before paying?
Absolutely! Give us a try with a free 14-day unlimited trial: sign up.
Can I cancel any time?
Yep! You can easily cancel your subscription right from your account. No hoops to jump through.
I'm a trainer. Is this for me?
The Fit site is for personal use but we have an awesome platform specifically for personal trainers – check it out!
What if I need help?
The site is designed to be very simple and intuitive but you can always reach us via chat from your account.
Anything else I should know?
We're adding new exercises, yoga poses, workouts and features all the time so keep checking back to your account regularly!

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“I have been using for about 6 weeks now and I absolutely love it! I canceled my personal trainer because this is a personal trainer in your pocket and I can customize the workouts to my needs!”

WorkoutLabs Fit review
Christina Vincent,
Birmingham, AL

“I like the variety of these workouts. It keeps me motivated. The directions and illustrations are amazing. I had back surgery in August and this program has really helped me feel stronger each week.”

WorkoutLabs Fit review
Arlene Cash,
Avon, CT

I love having a direction and being able to target my workouts without the expense of a private trainer. This app is the perfect combo.”

WorkoutLabs Fit review
Sarah Potrzebowski,
Valparaiso, IN

“I was trying to get back into the gym after 11 years. I didn't want to look stupid or waste my time doing exercises without a plan. WorkoutLabs Fit gave me a step-by-step plan and their staff was helpful and supportive. Now, I have the confidence to workout in ways that I would never have tried without their guidance.

WorkoutLabs Fit review
Andria Aguilar,
Waxahachie, TX

“Workout Labs gets nothing less than 5 stars from me. Trainers have been extremely helpful and attentive, and I absolutely love the workouts. I am about to dive into the Four Week Intensive Slim Down workout for the second month in a row. I love the variety of the moves and the fact that they are very challenging. The diagrams and instructions never leave you wondering how to perform the exercises. Excellent program!”

WorkoutLabs Fit review
Micheline Capaci,
San Jose, CA

“I have been doing the Home Advantage workouts after my runs during the week and Engage as my strength training regimen. I really like both workouts and they can easily be done at home with minimal equipment (although I have built up a nice home gym). The folks at WorkoutLabs are easy to get a hold of and always help me out if I need to make any modifications.”

WorkoutLabs Fit review
Kelli Olsen,
San Dimas, CA

“I went through the trial and loved the program so much, I subscribed. The calendar is very user-friendly and the interface with my phone is perfect. I can run my workout from my phone. One less thing to take in my gym bag. I also like that they have a variety of workouts that I can also take when I travel for work and have to workout in my hotel room. Lastly, I appreciate the check in by customer service. They have been great.”

WorkoutLabs Fit review
Jeanne Perrone,
Plant City, FL

“I'm a 48 year old woman that took 2 years off from the gym and had the sad realization, that things deteriorate quickly without the gym! I went a few times but felt out of place and didn't have a plan. I had seen some of the WorkoutLabs training ideas on Pinterest and wanted to see if there were any other ideas on their website. I signed up for an annual membership and it's the best and most affordable "trainer" I could have! I started with a beginner program to get back into the habit. I've moved up to an intermediate plan and I feel stronger every week. I love that there is a ready made plan and all I have to do is log-in and start my workout. The workouts are very manageable, time efficient and most important - the workouts WORK! Also, the messaging feature is great. Any time I have a question or need a recommendation, I get a very quick response. If you are looking for help finding a workout plan, try WorkoutLabs!”

Tracey Riley,
Colorado, US

“The WorkoutLabs Fit platform is one of the best online exercise websites I have ever used and I have tried many of them. The calendar is easy to use and easy to add workouts to each day. There are so many workouts available that I will never get bored at the gym again. The website has excellent multi-week programs, I'm doing one right now. Plus I can find even more on Pinterest to fill up my calendar. Every day it's something different. It's the best!!!!!

Rosanne Keys,
Nevada, US

“Fit is the best gym/workout platform I have found. It caters to busy working lifestyles that you can fit your workouts around. Having both gym exercises and at home workouts is invaluable and means I can keep up with my fitness wherever I am. The diagrams and PDF are also brilliant and mean you don't have to be an expert to work out. LOVE IT!”

Ellie Smart,
Leicester, UK

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We're a small team on a mission to make fitness simple for everyone. Since 2012, we passionately build high quality, simple and practical tools to make exercise more accessible for everyone regardless of experience, age, access to equipment and technology. THANK YOU for being part of our global community!

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