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A certified hatha yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Wellness Educator, and nature-loving gypsy, Julie Bernier brings the ancient wisdom of authentic Indian hatha yoga and Ayurvedic medicine to students in North America. She teaches students how to use yoga to its full potential in her eBook Yoga for Health and Happiness, and decodes India's timeless knowledge of wellness for Westerners on her blog Peaceward Yoga.

Julie first found yoga in California and has since taken it with her on some very long and far-flung travels, practicing on whatever flat surfaces she found-- from the beaches of the Galapagos Islands to the jungles of Sumatra, and the rooftops of Himalayan houses to the bustling city parks of Bangkok. She explored yoga's real roots while studying in India and teaching in the foothills and high villages of the Himalayas, and strives to keep her yoga old-school. Her mission is to spread this time-tested wisdom so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve total well-being.

Julie has helped us create our Yoga Cards.


Ayurveda, Nutrition, Yoga

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Meet the others

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