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For me, health and fitness has always been more than just a hobby. More than just another thing you're supposed to incorporate into your everyday life. Being raised on Van Damme and Jackie Chan movies as a child (sorry, I always thought Chuck Norris was a prune with no six pack), I quickly became heavily involved in keeping fit. I would build home gyms in my garden at the age of six, using rocks and plastic boxes as my weights. I took up Karate and Kickboxing, I studied and practiced Personal Training and Nutrition, and at the tender age of twenty seven, I decided to take fitness and nutrition to the next level.

Mustard Fitness is my way of sharing the knowledge I've acquired with those who want to improve their overall health, maintain their health, and excel in the realm of physical fitness.

Work hard, train harder.
​Be like Mustard.

- Stacey Quick
Founder of Mustard Fitness


  • Hypertrophy - Packing on slabs of muscle
  • Power Training - Lifting heavy objects
  • Cardio Fitness - Out running trains and wildcats
  • Weight Loss - Shedding those wobbly bits
  • Nutrition - Putting the good fuel into your body
  • Yoga - Stretching and flexing
  • Flash Plans - Giving you that beach bod in 3 months

Certifications & Training

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer - 11 years of personal training experience
  • ACE - Fitness Nutrition Specialist - Knowing the food for fuel
  • NZQA First Aider - Can run like Hasselhoff and swim like Phelps
  • NASM Nutrition and Supplementation Adviser - What to eat and why to eat it

How online training works

You'll love how simple and effective online training is!

Online personal training with Stacey Quick
Email me to discuss your fitness goals and how we can work together to achieve them. We can chat via email or set up a time for a phone call.
Once we decide to train, I will ask you about your physical condition, equipment you have access to and your schedule to help me design your personalized training program.
Use your computer, tablet or phone to access your training calendar and easy-to-follow illustrated workouts any time. You can also print them out!
Log your workouts and use email notifications and reminders to stay on track while we use built-in messaging to stay in touch all along the way.
We’ll make this fun and reach your goals in record time!
Let's get started today!