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Yoga Sequence Builder for Teachers
Build Yoga Sequences
Yoga Seqeunce Creator with Illustrations
Create yoga flow

Simple yoga sequence builder to plan your class in minutes

Create easy-to-follow illustrated yoga sequences like this to teach your classes or as take-home study guides your students will love.

Yoga Sequence Builder demo
online yoga sequence builder for teachers
Yoga Sequence Builder for Women
Yoga Sequence for Men

Clear asana illustrations

Use our professionally-illustrated library of yoga poses and pranayamas with female and male versions, with more being added monthly with our user’s suggestions.

Yoga pose types

Browse and search instantly

Explore the full list of poses or quickly find the right asana via search or by filtering available poses by their targeted muscles or joints.

Yoga asana alignment ques

Add instructions to each pose

Alignment cues come pre-filled for each asana for you to keep or replace, and you can specify number of breaths to hold the pose.

Create printable yoga sequences

Print or view on any device

Download your sequences in a beautiful PDF format to print or view on any smartphone, tablet or computer. View sample sequence

Yoga teacher
“The yoga sequence builder is by far the best tool I've found for planning my classes. It's also invaluable in yoga teacher training courses for students to practice building their sequences.”
Victoria Becker, yoga teacher from New York, NY
Yoga pose instructions for creating sequences

Sanskrit name, pronunciation, modification and more

Full details for each asana are available to you and your students in both the printed and online versions of the sequences you crate.

Yoga teacher branding

Offer a branded experience

Maintain a professional appearance with your practice name, logo and brand color present across all aspects of the platform and printed materials.

Share yoga sequences on social media

Establish and grow your practice online

Easily share your sequences with your audience across social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and beyond – in a native format for each platform.

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