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Use of our Illustrations & Workouts

Our exercise illustrations represent original content officially registered with and protected by the U.S. Copyright Office (registration #VA0001972444). The images are a key part of our brand and something we guard very closely. Please review and comply with the guidelines below.

Licensing: if you are interested in licensing our exercise illustrations, workout programs or exploring integration options with our online platforms, please get in touch via the button at the bottom of this page.


With an explicit attribution to as the source and copyright owner, and a hyperlink to where possible, you MAY, on your website, blog or social media account:

  • share workout PDF files generated with our custom workout builder in their original unmodified form;
  • share free workout plans available on our Workout Plans page in their original form;
  • share exported images of workout PDF pages in their original form, with our watermark intact;
  • share watermarked exercise images from our exercise guide or yoga pose guide  in their original form.

Restrictions: our content can be shared in occasional blog posts or articles but it cannot be used in a core part of your website (such as an exercise or workout library) or social media content strategy (regular posts featuring our content).


You MAY NOT, with or without attribution:

  • extract, share or use our exercise illustrations alone or as part of any digital or print product, in original form or modified except as noted above. Examples of this prohibited use are:
    • use our illustrations in an eBook, web or mobile app or print brochure;
    • use unwatermarked exercise illustrations in social media posts;
    • publish exercise illustrations without our watermark or modified (e.g. colored);
  • change the color, color in or otherwise visually modify the illustrations;
  • distribute your custom or our pre-made Workout PDFs at a cost;
  • re-distribute any of our products or content, free or at a cost.

We monitor the use of our illustrations through an image recognition service and any violations of these terms will be subject to legal action. If you are outside of the US, please keep in mind that copyright protection extends internationally to most countries through the Berne Convention and the UCC.


Please read the above usage guidelines – they cover most scenarios. If you are not sure if your intended use of our content is permitted, please get in touch:
Email us
Last updated: Feb 14, 2020

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